Hiking Tipps

Hiking tips in the Vinschgau Valley

 An equipment is necessary for the hiking. Begin slowly with the route planning. The unusual long going times and the extreme rises and descents create sometimes a muscle ache.

The clothes: a hiker must be equipped for every weather.The best is to put on a T-shirt and shorts, to give in the haversack trousers, jumper and a rain shield is important because the weather can changed fast. Cap and glove mustn´t miss in the haversack. Suddenly coldness can be unpleasant in light summer clothing. Put also a sun hat mustn´t miss in the haversack to protect the head.
The shoes: climbing boots or hiking boots are duty. Otherwise the hiking tour is dangerous. They safe for snap, slip, could and humidity. The climbing boots must have a non-slip tread to walk also on stones.
The haversack: for mountain tours and day excursions a haversack is necessary. In it are the provisions and the extra clothes.
Sticks or blains: Depending what for a tour one has plan it is important to wrap sticks or blains.

Besides the following things are important for the mountain:
  • Map of walks for the region, time table for the bus and the train
  • Penknife
  • Binoculars
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection
  • Bubbly cobbles and cobbles

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