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Hiking on the water

Lower Rhine

Lower Rhine in the Vinschgau Valley

The lower rhines are a very old irrigation system. They are constructed for the water supply for the fields. The climate on the valley floor between Mals and Kastelbell is very dry. To distribute the water on the bottom of the valley it was calculated in the Middle Ages the irrigation channel. Today the lower rhines has lost their meaning. They are beautiful paths through the forests and the orchards, a popular destination for hiking in the Vinschgau.
The most beautiful lower rhines are:
  • Walking tour Tscharser lower rhine (Kastelbell)
  • Schnals lower rhine (Kastelbell)
  • Raut lower rhine (Latsch)
  • Ramini lower rhine (Latsch)
  • Latschander lower rhine (Latsch)
  • New lower rhine (Latsch)
  • Soy lower rhine (Martelltal)
  • Timber channel lower rhine from Oberhof to Stallwies (Martelltal)
  • Ils lower rhine (Schlanders)
  • Zaal lower rhine (Schlanders)
  • New lower rhine (Schlanders)
  • Lasser Leiten lower rhine (Laas)
  • Lower rhine Tschengls
  • Woman way (Prad)
  • Agumser mountain lower rhine (Prad)
  • Turnauna lower rhine (Taufers)
  • Tschenel lower rhine (Taufers)
  • Over lower rhine (Mals)
  • Mountain lower rhine (Schluderns)
  • Leiten lower rhine (Schluderns)
  • Gschneirer lower rhine (Schluderns)
  • Mitter lower rhine (Glurns)

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