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Schlanders in Vinschgau Valley

Schlanders/Silandro in Vinschgau Valley

Schlanders by Meran

Having a central position Schlanders, one of the largest towns in the Vinschgau Valley is a tourist paradise. You will find Schlanders and its neighboring towns Kortsch, Göflan, Vetzan, Sonnenberg and Nördersberg in the middle of beautiful fruit orchards. 
The diversity in the surrounding landscape is breathtaking: On one side of Schlanders you find the Nördersberg with its dark forests and on the other side trees bursting with chestnuts and vinyards. In the center of Schlanders you find shops that will suit your every need. For avid hikers Schlanders offers a great variety of choices for trails: for beginner to experienced outdoor adventurist. 
A wonderful stop that should be on every agenda is Schlanders famous town church Maria Himmelfahrt with its beautiful architecture. The tower of the church is the emblem for Schlanders and with its 97 m the tower is the highest in whole Tyrol. Furthermore, Schlanders offers two wonderful castles to visit: firstly, the Schloss Schlandersburg which was built in 1600 by the nobles Hendel family and is used as a library nowdays. Secondly the Schloss Schlandersberg which is found on the Sonnenberg at a height of 1.100 m above the sea on a bare rock. 

Kortsch is the biggest neighboring town of Schlanders. It is found at the base of the Sonnenberg, its border blending with Schlanders.
The smaler town Göflan on the other hand is found at the base of the Nördersberg and it is to some extend part of the national parc Stilfserjoch. The town is approximately 1,5 km away from the center of Schlanders. Göflan is known for its white treasure, the marble. The marble quarry of Göflan is located 2.250 m above the sea making it the highest marble quarry of Europe. 
Vetzan, found at the base of the Sonnenberg in a sunny location is approximatly 2 km away from Schlanders.

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