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Schlanders in Vinschgau Valley


Sonnenberg Schlanders at Meran

The Sonnenberg is suspended constant intensive insolation. Hot, barren and dry is it along the 50 kilometre long mountain between Mals and Partschins. The mountain slopes are a favourite pasture area for goats and sheeps. A wide vegetation zone was eating bald. The consequences were erosion and water erosion from the barren soil. The sun has support this. The soil temperature rise up to 70 degree. In the winter is it frosty. The plants were compelled to adapt this climatic trouble. The hiker will find on the Sonnenberg natural scenery off dry grass, herbs and shrubs. In the climatic mild month’s grasses, shrubs and flowers flourish early.
On the hillside toe off the Sonnenberg is wine attached and also the European chestnut flourish until there. The valley bottom which has attend the cultivation of grain was taken after the first world war from the fruit-growing. Since the 90 century the climate change make the apple culture happen until Mals.

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