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Hiking in the Vinschgau Valley - Hotel Venosta, Silandro South Tyrol


Hiking in Vinschgau Valley

Hiking in the Vinschgau Valley is a nonrecurring and inimitable occasion. The holiday resort Vinschgau is mint by an imposing mountain panorama: the Ortler massif, the Sesvenna-group, the Cevedale and the Ötztaler Alps curl with their snow-covered peaks for inimitable mountain adventures.

The climate offers ideal requirements for hikers, summiteers and nature lovers. Especially the low rainfall is a characteristic for the hiking region, with countless tour opportunity. Zerminger, Ortler, Königsspitze, Weißkugel, Cevedale as well as the nearby mountains Vermoispitze and the Hasenohr are famous destinations in the holiday resort Vinschgau. They can rob the one or other mountain climber the breath. Beside extreme alpine tours the climbers can also hike on promising amount ways or comfortable alp- or meadow ways. Everywhere is a mild and sunny climate, which appear in the midsummer refreshing and in the spring and autumn it dispense a welfare heat.
The equipment

Hiking tips in the Vinschgau Valley

An equipment is necessary for the hiking. Begin slowly with the route planning. The unusual long going times and the extreme rises and descents create sometimes a muscle ache.

Lower Rhine in the Vinschgau Valley

The lower rhines are a very old irrigation system. They are constructed for the water supply for the fields. The climate on the valley floor between Mals and Kastelbell is very dry. To distribute the water on the bottom of the valley it was calculated in the Middle Ages the irrigation channel. Today the lower rhines has lost their meaning. They are beautiful paths through the forests and the orchards, a popular destination for hiking in the Vinschgau.

at Meran

Sonnenberg Schlanders

The Sonnenberg is suspended constant intensive insolation. Hot, barren and dry is it along the 50 kilometre long mountain between Mals and Partschins. The mountain slopes are a favourite pasture area for goats and sheeps. A wide vegetation zone was eating bald. The consequences were erosion and water erosion from the barren soil. The sun has support this. The soil temperature rise up to 70 degree. In the winter is it frosty. The plants were compelled to adapt this climatic trouble. The hiker will find on the Sonnenberg natural scenery off dry grass, herbs and shrubs. In the climatic mild month’s grasses, shrubs and flowers flourish early.
On the hillside toe off the Sonnenberg is wine attached and also the European chestnut flourish until there. The valley bottom which has attend the cultivation of grain was taken after the first world war from the fruit-growing. Since the 90 century the climate change make the apple culture happen until Mals.

Martell Valley

The Martell valley is located on the South of the Etschtal in the middle of the Vinschgau valley. Martell valley, enclosed in the Stilfser ridge national park, is one of the most beautiful tributary valleys. It extends from 950 m until the glacier from the Cevedale over 3769m. The Martell valley was in the pre-roman used for meadows. After clearance was developed permanent colonies.
Also culinary, Martell has some delectability’s to offer: There are attached strawberries. Sweet, delicious strawberries which are handle to jam, strawberry dumplings or other delectability’s. With his growing area onto 900 till 1.800 m is it the highest situated strawberry-growing area of Europe. It offers also the ideal climatic requirements for the growing of different berries-and vegetables.
In the winter the Martell Valley offers a big choice of 15 ski areas or the cross-country skier center with biathlon track.
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